Fumo Blu, dossier


by Gherardo Vitali Rosati
with Daniele Bonaiuti, Silvia Frasson
director Andrea Paciotto
set design Lorenzo Banci
costumes  Aurora Damanti
lighting Roberto Innocenti
assistant director, video design and sound Francesco Domenico D’Auria
assistant director intern Lisa Lim
Production Teatro Metastasio – Stabile della Toscana
World Premiere in Prato, Teatro Magnolfi Nuovo, May 7, 2015

Fumo Blu was also developed thanks to an Artistic Residency at La MaMa Umbria International (2013-14)

Fumo Blu is about the instability and confusion of our time seen from the microcosm of a young couple. Among hilarious misunderstandings, daily arguments, childhood memories and failed efforts to bring about a change in their lives, the weaknesses of the two leading figures emerge. At the centre of the play lies the strong conflict between their ambitions, perhaps misdirected, and the endemic inability to seize the chances that life unexpectedly may offer.

A cross section of the lives of a man and a woman in their thirties, dealing with insecure jobs and the daily complications of an unstable life. A portrait of our times, Fumo Blu weaves together Paolo and Claudia’s past and present, as they try to make a living from journalism and dance while dreaming of greater stability at home and at work. Having grown up with great models and ambitions, they are now confronting themselves with a less fascinating reality and are forces to reconsidering their choices. In the process hopefully they manage to achieve a better understanding of their own natures. Intertwining dialogue and narration, the text captures different moments in the life of the two characters. Light and funny moments alternate with more introspective atmospheres, tragi-comic everyday experiences alternate with a recurring dream. It feels like a nightmare, yet it has something pleasing and attractive about it, echoing the life in which Claudia and Paolo are immersed. The actors move in an evocative design, while videos projected on a large window help to suggest spaces and atmospheres, accompanied by music and sounds that transport characters and audience through the times and places of the story. Fumo Blu was developed thanks to an Artistic Residency at the MaMa Umbria International through a series of stage readings presented in Spoleto, Florence and New York (in English).

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