Gherardo Vitali Rosati, biography

Gherardo Vitali Rosati_RugnoneA Ph.D. in the History of Entertainment, he is active as a playwright, director and theater critic. Among his recent works: La Cura (The Cure; San Miniato (Pi), Festa del Teatro 2017, Spoleto, 60° Festival dei 2Mondi), Fumo Blu (Blue Smoke, Spoleto Festival of 2 Mondi, 2015), Benvenuti a Los Alamos (Welcome to Los Alamos, Siena, Teatro dei Rozzi, 2016), La Tancia, a work of Michelangelo Buonarroti il Giovane, which he rewrote and staged (Teatro delle Donne, 2016). He is the co-author of works such as The Medici Dynasty Show (Florence, 2015), a show in English on the history of Florence, ready for its 300th showing, and Une Algérie: 1830-1954 (France, 2007). In 2016, he directed Glory Hole from Ilaria Mavilla at the Teatro delle Donne, and was responsible for the retrofitting of Trincea di Signore, with Amanda Sanrelli, at the National Museum of Bargello. He is currently the theater critic for Corriere Fiorentino (Corriere della Sera/Firenze) and collaborates with the RAI 3 feature Chi è di scena. He has written for publications such as Yale’s Theater Magazine (USA), Liberté (Canada), La Règle du Jeu (France), Iti info (Russia), as well as Hystrio and Il Manifesto. He is the head of the Theatrical Writing course at the Teatro delle Donne, founded by Dacia Maraini, and has taught theatrical criticism at the University of Florence (2014-2016). He is the artistic consultant of La MaMa Umbria International and a member of the jury of awards such as the Premio Hystrio and Premio Ubu.

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