La Cura (The Cure), dossier

la curaLa Cura (The Cure)

Written and directed by: da Gherardo Vitali Rosati
With: Elena Arvigo, Alberto Giusta, Dalila Reas, Luca Tanganelli
Music: Tommaso Tarani
Light design: Andrea Narese
Set-up: Brando Nencini
Illustrations: Federica Rugnone
Animations: Arianna Bellucci
Production: IL TEATRO DELLE DONNE Centro Nazionale di Drammaturgia
in collaborazione con Fondazione Istituto del Dramma Popolare di San Miniato

The show was produced and will premiere at the Fondazione Istituto Dramma Popolare of San Miniato in the summer of 2017 on the occasion of the LXXI Festival of the Theater. San Miniato, Festival of Popular Drama, June 26-27, 2017.

A middle-aged woman – a career in researching – goes into distress when she is struck by a serious illness. However, this moment of trouble pushes her to rediscover the relationship with her children and to find friendship and love again in a fellow sufferer.

To Laura work is a mission. A long time employee of a pharmaceutical company, she believes in the power of science: her complete dedication to the company does not come from personal egocentric ambitions, but the dream of creating something worthwhile. During this whirlwind, she lost a husband of many years, and let her two children – Mathieu and Chiara, late twenties – slip quietly away to Paris, with the excuse of school. But when her team finally discovers a revolutionary drug, she is diagnosed with cancer. Her journey then begins with hospital trips, tests, and surgeons and oncologists who make her roam from city to city, keeping her further and further away from her work. But in the meantime, her children reappear in her life, taking turns to help her, and while in a waiting room, she also meets Marco, a Turin orchestra player affected by the same illness. For modes of expression and themes to be addressed, La Cura will represent the second chapter of Fumo Blu (Blue Smoke), the previous work of Gherardo Vitali Rosati, produced by Teatro Metastasio and presented at the 58th Festival of 2Mondi, focusing on the daily difficulties of a young couple struggling with the fascinating but low-paying jobs that take time and energy away from family life. If the first text quoted, in the title, a hit from Mina, this is where we’ll find a famous piece from Battiato. For the creation, the show makes use of projections from The Fake Factory, one of the most renowned Italian video-makers who create true digital scenography capable of reproducing real and imaginary spaces.

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